Why the Daily Blatt?

When I started my first job right out of college, I had the good fortune to work in the same office with Ruth Talovich, a seasoned technical writer with a fabulously dry wit. She loved irony.

Every so often she’d arrive at work and announce that the latest edition of The Daily Blatt was hot off the press.

The Daily Blatt wasn’t a real newspaper–it was a collection of clippings from newspapers. It was headlines, sentences, paragraphs carefully clipped and saved until Ruth had enough to create three pages of what looks eerily similar to a ransom note.

The results were always hilarious.

I was able to find several original copies of The Daily Blatt and the front page of one Thanksgiving edition is shown here. Ruth drew the banner and turkey by hand. “In case of war: Run for it!” was the headline of the day. Other clippings read, “Try to get three genuine compliments on your appearance every day” “Stroud, speaking about meat choices, said there are two major movements in food today: eating and not eating.” and “It wasn’t that they are not interested in the fate of mankind, one of them explained. “It’s just that they had to go to other meetings.”

See what I mean?

I’m not sure this blog will have the humor of the original. I just hope it will honor Ruth and her love for communicating through writing.

She sure did have a lot to say.

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