4 responses to “Top 5 Mistakes in Business Writing”

  1. Victoria Musgrave

    Hi Jodi,

    The writerly mistake that I’ve seen often is related to #2 – using language or jargon that the reader may not understand. I’ve worked in health care and found that highly educated doctors, nurses and therapists resist using simple language that non-medical people will understand.

  2. Michelle Amethyst Mahoney

    The biggest mistakes I see are around #2 and #4, and usually together! Business owners invite people to an event or tell them about something, and then don’t tell them where it is – not even the country. This is a BIG World, people, you could at least say it’s in the USA to narrow it down (we tend to be the worst offenders). I see tons of events, especially on Facebook, where people say, “Join me at such-and-such!” and never tell you where that may be, and sometimes not even when. People should not have to click through to find out if it’s in their area or wonder what the date might be.

    After they don’t tell you where the event is, many business owners go into great rambling detail with tons of useless information, mainly to try to convince readers that they should show up (or attend virtually). This actually ends up driving many people away. Stick to the facts, give the main points, and leave out all of the rambling. It just makes you look like you’re begging.

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