How to Write Better, Faster

How To Write Better, Faster is a hands-on business writing workshop that focuses on reader-centered writing—writing that gets results. You’ll gain new approaches to your business writing and leave the class with practical skills you can use immediately for e-mail, letters, reports, proposals, meeting minutes, and many other types of documents.

Business Writing for Entry-Level Employees

Business Writing for Entry-level Employees is designed to help recent hires with their business writing skills. You’ll practice basic writing techniques to project a more professional image at work and to conduct business more efficiently. This class helps employees discover how to write effective everyday communication including email messages, letters, reports, and presentations. Hands-on practice uses actual work-related writing samples.

Grammar for the Workplace

Grammar for the Workplace is for people who want to eliminate common grammatical mistakes in business writing. You’ll benefit by assessing your current grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills and finding ways to eliminate unprofessional and embarrassing mistakes.

Business Writing for Presentations

No matter what technology you use for your presentations, it’s the content that will inform, educate, persuade, and motivate your audience. Business Writing for Presentations is filled with practical tools for writing presentations for any size group. You’ll discover best practices for planning, drafting, and writing a variety of presentations.

Class Options

All classes are customized to meet participant needs for information. Classes are available as:

If you’d like to learn more about these business writing classes please call 720-446-9806 or send an email to

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