Customized Writing Classes with Individual Coaching

The individual coaching component is a valuable supplement to any of the business writing classes. One-on-one coaching sessions provide valuable feedback that supports classwork and helps reinforce writing improvements. Participants schedule time to discuss their writing examples and work on their specific business writing needs. Many participants say this is the most valuable part of their writing training. Ongoing support after coaching is also available.

Individual Business Writing Coaching

Individual coaching is offered privately for professionals who aren’t part of a business writing class, but are interested in improving their writing skills. Coaching focuses on improving the quality and effectiveness of all your business writing. The one-on-one coaching process includes learning essential concepts, practicing writing a variety of documents, and gaining one-on-one feedback.

Coaching Objectives

The main goal for the coaching relationship is to help you strengthen your writing ability and gain confidence in your business writing skills.

Specific objectives for the coaching relationship include the following:

1. Learn and practice ways to plan, draft, and revise business documents.
2. Create clear purpose statements for all business writing.
3. Organize writing to meet readers’ needs.
4. Adapt writing style and word choice to meet readers’ expectations.
5. Write clear and concise business documents.
6. Use page design tools to improve readability.
7. Use a reference guide to compose grammatically correct documents.

Method of Instruction

The coaching process includes the following steps: assess skills, create a coaching contract, develop a detailed coaching plan, facilitate learning, evaluate performance, and provide feedback.

Assess Skills: Uses pre-work and a questionnaire to identify your writing strengths and areas for improvement.

Create a Coaching Contract: Builds rapport and trust; sets your goals and responsibilities.

Develop a Detailed Coaching Plan: Focuses on the skills and actions needed to produce desired results.

Facilitate Learning: Uses a variety of methods to teach skills and practice with actual work documents. This step might include reviewing on-the-job writing, assigning and critiquing a weekly writing product, having structured discussions, or any combination of methods that best meets your needs.

Evaluate Performance: Uses a writing assessment matrix to identify what’s working, what’s missing, and what’s needed.

Provide Feedback: Offers constructive feedback for improvement using a set of writing benchmarks.

If you’d like to learn more about how coaching can improve your business writing, please send an email to me at or call me at 720-446-9806. I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.

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