Customized On-site Classes

Customized Classes Speed Learning

Good business writing classes have four major features:

  1. An experienced and engaging writing instructor
  2. Content that’s immediately useful
  3. Writing samples from the workplace
  4. Hands-on writing practice

Individual coaching to provide feedback is an added plus.

All classes include:

  • Flexible scheduling—one or two day classes
  • Conveniently held at your workplace
  • Small class size for optimum interaction
  • Class materials use examples from the workplace
  • Workbook is a helpful desk reference
  • Ongoing support after the class is over

What participants say about Jodi’s customized classes:

“I was surprised at the abundance of information in the workbook.”

“The workshop provided practical examples I can use in preparing memos and letters.”

“I enjoyed every aspect of the class.”


Please call Jodi Torpey at 720-446-9806 or send an email to to learn more about customized classes.

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