Customized Writing Classes with Individual Coaching

Coaching Supports Writing Improvements

The individual coaching component is a valuable supplement to any of the business writing classes. One-on-one coaching sessions provide valuable feedback that supports classwork and helps reinforce writing improvements.

Participants schedule time to discuss their writing examples and work on their specific business writing needs. Many participants say this is the most valuable part of their writing training. Ongoing support after coaching is also available.


The individual coaching component is helpful for writers at every level—from support staff to managers and directors.

What Happens During a Coaching Session?

  • Review writing samples and work in progress
  • Address specific areas for improvement
  • Set business writing goals
  • Answer questions in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • Provide ideas for tackling special writing projects

What participants say about their coaching session:

“The individual coaching was one of the most helpful parts of the class. I like how you get answers to questions about your writing style and get advice to improve your skills.”

“Fantastic! Jodi hit on major points that will vastly improve my report.”

“I really enjoyed talking to Jodi about my writing and she was very helpful. Now I want to improve my writing.”

“Great feedback that really helped tie everything together.”

“The coaching was good—it gave me an idea on how to improve my ideas even more.”


Please call Jodi Torpey at 720-446-9806 or send an email to to learn more about classes with individual coaching.

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