Grammar for the Workplace

Eliminate Unprofessional and Embarrassing Mistakes

Class Description

Grammar for the Workplace helps eliminate common grammatical mistakes in business writing. Participants start by assessing their current grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills to identify areas for improvement.

The hands-on, interactive workshop provides plenty of writing practice focusing on improvements, using actual work-related documents. One-on-one, private coaching is a valuable supplement to the class and a way to encourage continued improvement.

Target Audience

Employees who need to revisit the rules of proper grammar and practice writing grammatically-correct business documents.

Class Objectives

Participants will discover how to:

  • Identify the basic elements of grammatically correct sentences
  • Use at least four techniques to catch grammatical errors
  • Check for errors in word usage
  • Proofread writing to find errors
  • Apply the accepted rules of spelling and punctuation
  • Use a variety of resources to compose grammatically-correct documents


Please call Jodi Torpey at 720-446-9806 or send an email to to learn more about Grammar for the Workplace.

 What participants say about Grammar for the Workplace:

“My writing will be more precise because of this workshop.”

“I feel more comfortable using punctuation now.”

“My writing will be more concise now that I’m able to see the difference in passive and active voice.”

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