Half-day Power Writing Class

Four Hours to Better Writing

The Half-day Power Writing class is the How to Write Better, Faster class boiled down to its essential elements. The content focuses on the key components of business writing.

This class is for those who need a business writing refresher, but don’t have time for a one-day class.

What can you learn in four hours?

  • The five mistakes business writers make
  • Four questions to ask before writing a single word
  • How to organize ideas using the BLATT format
  • Tips for making writing more concise
  • Three methods for catching common errors

The Half-day Power Writing Class follows the CPR format: content as a foundation, practice with work-related writing samples, and review. Participants leave the class with an action plan to continue improving their business writing.

One-on-one, private coaching is a valuable supplement to the class.


Learn more about the Power Writing Class: call 720-446-9806 or Jodi@WriteBetterFaster.com.

What participants say about Power Writing:

“I learned so much!”

“Jodi did a fantastic job engaging the class and has a clear mastery of the material. I will directly apply what I learned.’

“The instructor used a variety of training tools to reach the audience including visual, verbal, and interactive.”

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