How to Write Better, Faster

Gain New Business Writing Skills

Class Description

How To Write Better, Faster is a hands-on business writing workshop that focuses on reader-centered writing—writing that gets results.

You’ll gain practical business writing skills to use immediately for more effective everyday written communication including e-mail, letters, reports, proposals, meeting minutes, and many other types of documents.

You’ll also gain a new perspective on your business writing by organizing ideas based on the information your readers need (instead of what you want to tell them).

During this workshop, you’ll practice the planning, drafting, and revising by working with your own writing. You’ll leave the class with a toolbox filled with new writing skills.

How to Write Better, Faster is not an off-the-shelf training program. This class is customized to meet your business writing needs. New skills are practiced using real-life writing samples. One-on-one, private coaching is a valuable supplement to the class.

Target Audience

How to Write Better, Faster is for people who need to communicate in writing such as professional support staff, analysts, engineers, auditors, IT professionals, contract specialists, managerial staff, marketing reps, C-level executives, customer service staff, and more. The class is also helpful to those responsible for editing or reviewing the writing of others.

Class Objectives

 You’ll learn how to:

  • Use a three-step process to streamline business writing
  • Organize writing to meet reader/customer needs
  • Get to the point quickly
  • Apply methods for clear and concise writing
  • Use plain language writing techniques
  • Design pages to improve readability
  • Read critically and revise your own writing
  • Manage your tone on the page


Please call Jodi Torpey at 720-446-9806 or send an email to to learn more about How to Write Better, Faster.

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